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Stolen Identities. A Hero Chosen: A Parable of Identity-IQ

Updated: Apr 15

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash

Once, in a digital land, far but not different from ours, lived countless identities. The population of these identities varied in uniqueness — just like fingerprints. A digital representation of diverse types of people from all walks of life, garnered the attention of rebellious dissidents lurking in the shadows and conspiring ways to steal from the honest to feed their evil intentions.

Every day, the shadows lurked and plotted until they found the angle: steal people’s hard-earned savings, tarnish their reputation, and totally disrupt the peace in every home if possible. These shadowy lurkers have a code word, and that word is hackers. These hackers were the type to evade law enforcement, disguise their whereabouts and cover their footprints, making detection almost impossible.

Proficient in the art of identity theft, the hackers stole the suits of honest identities, which led the population of the land to notice diminished bank accounts, stolen property, un-approved purchases, the swindling of loved ones, and so much more. Creating virtual chaos and disruption.

Imagine, reader, living in a world like this — because this is exactly the type of world we live in at present.

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

Picture waking up one morning yet to discover that someone across the globe “owns” your identity. They’re shopping with your credit card, taking out loans in your name, buying property or worse — using the identity of a deceased loved one, typically called “ghosting,” and it’s a common problem. However, in our tale lies a hero. A guardian adorned with impenetrable armor, vigilant eyes and advanced tools fashioned with impeccable encryption methods keeping watch while shielding the inhabitants in this realm of identities.

This same hero can be and must be applied to our landscape as well. Welcome, IdentityIQ! Akin to having a strong fortress around your castle in medieval times, with high walls and a moat, keeping invaders at bay, IdentityIQ’s cutting-edge services backed by robust technology, prevent hackers from breaching your personal walls.

This is important because the repercussions of identity theft go beyond financial. The emotional and psychological strain it brings upon families, individuals, and members of organizations alike is immeasurable. Restoring the disastrous effects of one’s stolen identity can take years, with countless hours spent on calls, filling out forms, dealing with creditors, and the disheartening feeling of being violated.

Now, you may be thinking, “There are tons of identity services out there. Why choose IdentityIQ?” The beauty of this guardian lies in its approach. With plans for customers who want a combination of credit and identity protection to more basic choices with features like SSN and change of address monitoring, all delivered in a cybersecurity environment. Education is also a paramount part of its package. Priceless articles ranging from a wide range of informative topics available here:

For those eager to deepen their understanding, I created an e-book titled “Online Safety For The Every Day User (in 10 easy steps)”. It is a guide crafted with care and a strong desire to help everyday folk and their loved ones who traverse the web regularly. Delve into its pages and uncover practical steps for protection. Secure your copy here:

In the age where our digital footprints mirror our physical ones, keeping them safe is imperative. With protectors like IdentityIQ by your side and the knowledge from resources like “Online Safety For The Every Day User”, you can navigate both the digital realm and the physical one in confidence and peace of mind.

Dear reader, in a world where bytes and bits coalesce, never underestimate the importance of protecting your most valuable asset: your identity. For in it lies the core of your existence and the legacy that trails behind. Secure it, cherish it, and don’t let the shadows steal your story.

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